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Golfer Profile With Photo ID

Golfer Profile With Photo ID

Chronogolf now offers photo ID for member profiles in its teesheet CRM

  • Ensure the security of your golf course
  • Protect against identity theft and fraud
  • Improve customer service
  • Delight your members with a personalized touch
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5 ways the best golf POS can grow your course

best golf pos

Be more competitive with the best Golf POS

Golf courses adopting the best golf POS are significantly outpacing the industry in terms of growth. A recent, in-depth analysis of 87 new Chronogolf PRO customers showed that, on average, Chronogolf’s customers grew their business by 9% after their first year with their new POS. This is far ahead of the 1% industry average growth for 2014.
We’ve found that Chronogolf courses using data and tools found directly in the software get the basics right:
  1. Comprehensive inventory management

  2. Dynamic employees

  3. Omnichannel environments

  4. Targeted marketing 

  5. Saving time


1. Get better at buying your inventory.

The best golf POS helps provides key information about your inventory movements, including:
  • A list of total current assets in your store
  • Details on your sales, including:
  • Sales by any time period (day, month, year, & trends over time)
  • Sales by any category (such as department, classification)
  • Sales by vendors
  • Profits by item, vendor and category
  • Top and worst performing items and categories in your store
“It’s very important to look at sales by month for at least an entire year, even two. This will help you visualize when you need product, and when you need to get out.”
– Paul Erickson, Senior Vice-president of Client Services at RMSA Retail Solutions

When should I reorder? And how much? 

With the best golf pos in the industry, you can ensure you never run out of inventory, without having to store excess stock. Built-in reports ensure that you have access to the quantity on hand for all your inventory.

When should I take action on slow-moving inventory?

Cash flow remains a key issue for golf course managers, big or small. When cash flow suffers, pro shop managers can see good sales but will struggle to pay their bills on time, ultimately hurting vendor relations and potentially holding back new stock orders and growth.

2. Develop a well-informed team

More and more, customers are research online, then arrive at the pro shop expecting a fully informed golf professional to assist them with their purchase. Several studies have shown that golfers are “showrooming”, that is, researching online then purchasing at the pro shop. One Deloitte study showed 70% of customers will look you up online before coming to you. To compete with big box stores and online giants, pro shops need to differentiate themselves by creating an in-store experience that delights customers and keeps them coming back.
Chronogolf provides many features that help set you apart from the crowd. High on the list is quick access to detailed product information for staff members. With data and images at their fingertips, available on an iPad, your staff can be anywhere with a customer, looking up product information on the golf POS such as: 

Personalize interactions with your customers

An important way pro shop owners can compete with bigger retailers is on service. Three out of four consumers in the US said in a recent survey that they spent more money with a company when they had a positive customer service experience. You can create an outstanding customer experience for your customers by personalizing your interactions with them. 
The best golf POS lets you look up customers’ spending habits as well as keep track of their personal preferences. If you follow the classic 80/20 business rule, where 80% of your business comes from just 20% of your customers, Chronogolf makes it easy to know exactly who that 20% is. Just pull up the report on sales by customer, and you’ll see who’s shopping with you most.

4. The best POS for getting Web-wise 

With almost two-thirds of consumers researching potential purchases online before coming into the store, it’s more critical than ever for a golf course to have an online presence. While online sales are still relatively low — only 7% of all retail sales in the US and 13% in the UK — customers are overwhelmingly looking you up before completing the transaction in your pro shop.
Golf courses have been slow to adopt omnichannel environments, primarily because of the complexity of managing multiple channels. But this is changing. Many now have online stores and booking. And over one-quarter expect revenues from their online store to increase by more than 20% in the next year. 
The best golf POS is makes omnichannel sales easier for golf courses, with features such as: 
  • Management of inventory from a single location
  • More accurate reporting on inventory movements 
  • A beautiful-looking, modern design with your store brand and your own web address. 
  • A quick and easy-to-implement template that features an optimized checkout experience 
  • Complete hosting on an SSL certified secure site

5. Spend more time selling, less time managing technology

There are also lots of online tutorials, and 24/7 online chat support for when you need it. We pride ourselves on offering the level of service you would want for your own customers. Our experts can help you decide what other applications to add on as your golf course’s needs expand. And because Chronogolf is hosted in the cloud, you’ll always be using the latest technology. You never have to worry about updates, backups, server maintenance, or other time-consuming technology concerns. All that’s taken care of for you.
We know that opening a golf course isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, either. Chronogolf is there to support you in your dream of running a successful facility, from your first steps right up to opening an online store. Having the right tools and information at your fingertips can be the difference between “winging it” and “killing it”
Year End Review At Your Golf Course

Year End Review At Your Golf Course


The season is over, and it’s time to do some maintenance, think about the season that has passed, take a little break, and consider new strategies for next year.

For a complete guide, click here to download a free white paper on how to save time during your year end review.

But first, before looking ahead, you have to look at the season that just passed. It’s time to review this year’s performance, recognize what went well, and find solutions for areas of improvement. We’ve put together this brief overview that is meant to guide you, and make the year end review go smoothly.

Understand Occupancy and Utilization KPIs

How full are you? Since your assets expire every eight to ten minutes, it’s vital know how much of your inventory you are moving. Don’t forget to factor in staff and comp rounds as they take up just as much space on your greens as paying customer.

Measure Retail and Food & Beverage Performance

Managers in the pro shop and restaurant need to know whether their menus and product inventories consist of an attractive offering for their customers. At the end of the year golf managers must understand what items did well on the floor and which ones should not be re-ordered for next year. By managing golf operations through a robust POS, these numbers can be easily produced making the analysis much easier.

Click here to download a complete guide on which metrics to track during year end review.

What’s Your ROI On Marketing Initiatives? 

A lot of managers shy away from engaging in marketing activities because they don’t believe it will produce a good return on investment (ROI). However, golf course managers who engage in the right mix of marketing activities, know who they are targeting, and track performance have found ways to generate great returns on investment.

Learning From Your Customer Base

Knowing exactly who is playing your course has many benefits and the end of the year review is a very valuable exercise to examine what changes have occurred in your customer database. Using a good customer resource management (CRM) software will help you track these changes.

Managers at the end of the year should be looking at a few things as they try to understand where operations can be optimized: Changes in demographics, customer loyalty, and knowing where to benchmark against similar courses in their region.

Need more help with your year end review?
Download our free in-depth guide to measuring your facility's performance at the end of the season.

EPISODE 4 With Tracy Conner and Chris Hendrick

Increasing Revenue When Rounds Are Flat

Golf Industry Podcast - Matt Welliver      The Golf Industry Podcast - Tracy Conner and Chris Hendrick    The Golf Industry Podcast - Tracy Conner and Chris Hendrick

On this week’s episode, Matt speaks with Tracy Conner, Executive Director of the Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association, and Chris Hendrick, President of Summit Golf Services.

Conner exposes Myrtle Beach’s unique setup and the benefits of cooperating as a market. Hendrick identifies some revenue opportunities that golf courses can pursue, and provides advice on how to leverage point of sale data to increase your average daily rate. In this episode, Matt, Tracy and Chris discuss:

  • How to price tee times every season
  • The results of not discounting tee times for 10 days (spoiler: generated more than $1 million dollars at the market level)
  • How to work with neighbouring golf courses to collectively increase revenue
  • Dynamically pricing 3rd party package providers
  • How to set up tee sheet intervals based on utilization rates and demand patterns

The results of working together as a market speak for themselves, and many other individual facilities and markets can learn from this case study. Be sure to leave your comments below and subscribe to our podcast to get notified when new episodes are published.

About Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association (MBAGCOA)

MBAGCOA is a service organization formed to advance operational initiatives and the welfare of golf course owners/managers in the Myrtle Beach region from Georgetown, SC to Southport, NC.  With approximately 90 members, the association coordinates policies and programs to standardize the operational aspects of our golf tourism industry while improving the bottom line for owners. 

For more information, please visit

About Summit Golf Services

Summit Golf Services provides tailored golf business consulting services to clients nationwide. From expert guidance on club business planning to strategic, data driven revenue management services, Chris Hendrick guides you through it all. As a PGA Member with over 20 years of operations and multi facility management experience, Chris helps facilities reach their goals by providing personalized attention you need.

For more information please visit

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Self Order Club House Restaurant  POS

Self Order Club House Restaurant POS

Streamline your operation and save money with Self-Order Restaurant POS

  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Increase revenue
  • Streamline operations and work smarter
  • Reduce labour costs
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Chronogolf finalizes partnership with GolfBox A/S

Chronogolf, one of the foremost providers of golf course management software, announced that it has finalized a partnership and North American reseller agreement with GolfBox A/S, a leading administrative software provider tailored to service golf clubs, tour operators, golf professionals, and 15+ associations/governing bodies, such as The R&A.

Chronogolf finalizes partnership with GolfBox A/S

Through this collaboration, Chronogolf and GolfBox A/S will deliver two turnkey cloud-based solutions:

  • GolfBox Tournament: A live scoring module in event and tournament settings
  • GolfBox ProPlanner: A plug-and-play scheduling solution to manage golf lessons for PGA Golf Professionals

GolfBox Tournament leverages real-time scoring, mobile apps and online entries to deliver a unique out-of-the-box event management solution that has printed over 14 million scorecards for 400,000 tournaments worldwide.

GolfBox ProPlanner delivers scheduling capabilities that enhance PGA Golf Professionals’ overall productivity. It allows for multiple payment options, handles group lessons and even manages online bookings in a multi-facility environment, so Professionals can focus on doing what they do best – teach lessons.

“Golf lessons are the driving force behind customer activation and loyalty at golf courses,” said Christian Færgemann, CEO, GolfBox A/S. “With this new partnership, GolfBox and Chronogolf are pulling together the leading scheduling solution to help PGA Professionals quickly and easily modernize their operations.”

To date, 80 000 lessons have been successfully booked on the GolfBox ProPlanner platform, which represents an approximate 7 million dollars in revenue generated by Golf Professionals across 8 different countries. Most notably, GolfBox ProPlanner is the recommended lesson-scheduling solution of the PGAs of Europe, and is currently endorsed by the PGA of Denmark and the PGA of Sweden.

“As our club management solution scales, our customers can rest assured that our solution provides a plug-and-play module that addresses the complex and unique needs specific to Golf Professionals’ requirements,” said JD St-Martin, CEO, Chronogolf. “And with GolfBox’s ProPlanner, our customers gain a comprehensive, modern, and easy-to-use platform that delivers the flexibility and efficiency needed to quickly schedule more lessons and reduce administrative burden.”

All interested Golf Professionals are encouraged to start a 60-day free trial by visiting

About Chronogolf

Chronogolf provides innovative cloud-based software and marketing solutions to golf courses ranging from online booking, electronic tee-sheet, members’ management, tournament management, customer loyalty and Point of Sale solutions for pro shops, snack bars and restaurants.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-939-2618

About GolfBox A/S

GolfBox is one of the major software suppliers on the European market and is considered an innovator in software for the golf industry. The company’s continually expanding customer base includes more than 900 golf clubs, 15+ federations and some of the world’s major golfing bodies including well-known names such as the PGA of Europe, The R&A, Scottish Golf and European Golf Association.

For more information, visit

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Simple Promocodes

Simple Promocodes

  • Easily apply promocodes directly in the Golf POS to any reservation
  • Set the promocode up with time and player restrictions
  • Track coupon usage in real time right on the tee sheet
  • Use any name, no need for complicated codes and numbers
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Now Serving: a Self-Order Golf POS

Chronogolf is proud to announce it is the first golf software provider to offer a fully automatic quick service self-order golf POS for food and beverage. We think this new feature is capable of providing some enormously helpful benefits for your course aside from lowering operating costs and streamlining your operations. 

The first golf POS to offer self service in the restaurant.

What can a Self-Order Golf POS do for your Golf Course?

  • Reduce customer wait times

At the end of a long 18 hole round your golfers are understandably quite hungry, what if the food order they made at the automatic kiosk on hole 9 was ready and waiting for them after the 18th hole? Not only would this absolutely delight your golfers, but it saves the time and energy spent waiting in line to put in an order. With our Self-Order Golf POS you don’t have to make your hungry golfers wait for food service anymore.

  • Improve order accuracy

When dining at a nice restaurant, nothing is more frustrating than an order that comes back even slightly wrong. These errors are often caused by miscommunication between the servers and the kitchen, details can be misheard and mistakes are easily made. A self-order golf POS almost completely eliminates this risk as the accuracy of the order and control over what information is relayed to the kitchen is put completely in the hands of the golfer.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Golfers, especially ones from the younger demographics, want more control over their experience and millennials absolutely love seeing the integration of technology into their game. You can easily satisfy these demands by integrating a Self-Serve golf POS into your operation. Never let an incorrect order be sent to the kitchen again and allow your golfers the freedom to place their own orders from the green during their round.

self-order golf posHow can a Self-Order Golf POS help your Golf Operation?

  • Increase revenue

Giving your customers the opportunity to place food orders from nearly anywhere on the golf course creates more chances to produce revenue in the kitchen, ultimately boosting your food and beverage bottom line. As well, the improved accuracy and efficiency of the ordering system means that less time is wasted and customers are served quickly, resulting in a higher volume of sales and revenue.

  • Help you become a smarter business

Aside from the time savings that allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, our restaurant POS is integrated with robust inventory tracking and customer resource management capabilities. Our POS makes managing member billing and house accounts easier than ever before, and since the point of sale is the most important touchpoint in your business we allow you to track all relevant data to provide helpful reporting on all aspects of your operation.

  • Reduce labour costs

Self-serve cuts down on several cost demands that come with running a food and beverage operation. The main benefit of this is that your operation can reduce its need for servers, cashiers, and restaurant managers. Of course you still will need these personnel, but by eliminating the ordering and processing elements of your operation you can reduce these staffing needs. These time savings and lowered labour demands reduce a significant portion of costs and can improve margins overall.

self-order golf pos

Want to try out our self-order feature?
Jump right in, and get a glimpse of how Chronogolf can simplify your golf operation.