Chronogolf Integration Highlight: Third Shelf – Customer Loyalty

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You work hard to build your brand, get customers on the course and deliver great service.
But have you ever wondered how golf courses retain their customers better than others?
It all boils down to customer loyalty.
Thirdshelf takes care of customer loyalty by helping you reward your best customers in the most meaningful ways. Creating your own loyalty program is now easy. With Thirdshelf, you can build a tailored loyalty program within minutes and unlock the value of all your efforts. Here are some of the key features:

1- A loyalty program that’s as unique as your course

Your loyalty program needs to stand out. With Thirdshelf, you can choose between many different models or even mix & match to create your own custom model.  Choose between tiers, points, cash backs and punch-cards. Add advanced earning rules to optimize your program as it grows.

thirdshelf chronogolf golf course customer loyalty

2- Marketing automation that makes sense

Marketing requires a lot of time and focus. You need to have the tools to automate and react at the right moment with your customers. Thirdshelf lets you build timely offers that are automatically sent out via different channels can help you increase pro-shop sales. Create basic offers, notifications, custom offers and seasonal offers. Use the scheduling & automation tools to scale your loyalty program and save time without comprising authenticity.

thirdshelf chronogolf golf course customer loyalty

3- Powerful tracking tools

Marketing is also about tracking and understanding your customers. Thirdshelf allows you to segment your customer base and launch personalized content that caters to your different customer segments. With its powerful tracking tools that integrate with Chronogolf and your POS, Thirdshelf allows you to track the customer lifecycle, create automatic and custom segments and track all this information within a single dashboard. No more players left in the rough!

thirdshelf chronogolf golf course customer loyalty

Key takeaways:

  • Customer loyalty has to be nurtured on a day-to-day basis with the right tools.
  • Tracking and rewarding positive customer behaviour is essential to retain customers.
  • Chronogolf integrates with Thirdshelf to help you build the perfect brand loyalty program for your golf course.
  • Thirdshelf is the only loyalty marketing solution that is fully integrated with the most popular POS solutions
  • No coding, developing, or special skills required.
  • Drive sales, automate customer communications, build your customer base and generate repeat sales.
  • We’ll have your POS “Thirdshelf activated” in seconds!

Chronogolf brings your tee-sheet to life by integrating with top-of-the-line softwares such as MailChimp, Lightspeed, Stripe, Vantiv, QuickBooks and Thirdshelf. Click here to learn more about our software integrations.

Plug your tee sheet in the best of breed softwares with Chronogolf.


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