Chronogolf Integration Highlight : Stripe for online payment processing

golf software chronogolf integreates with payment processing software stripe

3 reasons why Stripe is the new standard in online payment processing

You work hard to build your brand, get customers on the course and deliver great service. But when it comes time to handle payments, do you have the right tools? Take your golf course management to the next level by using online tee time booking software with payment processing that’s robust like Stripe. Here are 3 ways Stripe can change the way you manage your golf course:
chronogolf integrates with stripe to accept all payments types for online payment processing

1- You can accept online payments and create deals on-the-go 

Stripes makes online payment processing a pain-free experience. Start accepting all the major cards and currencies from around the world. Allow members to pay online directly. No need to type long credit card numbers over and over again. You can save customers’ card information to allow them to pay in a single click when they come back. Your employees and customers will love how practical it is.
 chronogolf integrates with stripe to manage subscriptions and payments for online payment processing

2- You can manage recurring transactions and house accounts

Do you handle tons of golf memberships and subscriptions? Do you have members with house accounts? 
Stripe removes the stress and confusion from handling subscription and recurring transactions. Golf course memberships can be sold, modified and tracked. Manage all the subscriptions for your course, the way you want it. Stripe gives you full control and flexibility. Need to modify a subscription mid-month? Stripe automatically calculates how much is owed. Need to have multiple subscriptions per customer? Stripe can handle that as well.
  track and report your online payment processing with chronogolf and stripe

3-  You can track sales and generate custom reports

Take better decisions, faster. Use Stripe’s integrated dashboard to see your golf course’s data in real-time. Get an overview of all the relevant online payment information – payment types, countries, currencies – in real time. Manage every incoming payment, outbound transfers, subscriptions and charges from your own dashboard. Get a quick and accurate snapshot of your business. Take critical decisions according to your own data, anytime and anywhere you want. Generate custom reports to analyze your business operations in real-time. Track sales, refunds, payments types, accounts and more. Generate account reports and activity reports every month to conciliate your sales.
Key take-aways:
  • Stripe is an online payment processing software that integrates with Chronogolf
  • It allows you to accept all kinds of payment types and currencies easily
  • It also makes it easy for you to manage house accounts and recuring payments
  • Stripe gives you access to powerful tracking and reporting tools
  • Chronogolf integrates with Stripe to revolutionize the way you handle online tee time payment processing

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Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp – Golf Course Management

 newheader2mailchimp - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management
We know golf course management means communicating with customers and telling them about course related events, tournaments, and promotions. So, how do you get your members to actually read the information you send them?

MailChimp makes sure you are sending emails to all contacts in your customer database and offers robust tools that ensure you are sending out exactly what your customers want to read. Want to optimize this aspect of golf course management? Here’s how:

1. Sync your email list with your customer database in real time

When you send out newsletters, announcements, and memos you want to make sure that every member at your club receives it. With Chronogolf and Mailchimp, you can automatically sync your database from your golf course management software with any email marketing list.   Your mailing list will never be out date and you’ll never have to manually enter your member’s emails again. This way your golf pos, your tee-sheet and your marketing efforts will all be connected.

autosync 2 - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management

2. Know exactly who is reading and engaging with your content

It’s one thing to send an email to all your clients, but getting them to actually read it is the hard part. You want to know if the content you’re sending is interesting enough to encourage customers to engage with your golf course. MailChimp simplifies golf course management by offering robust tracking tools that allow you to monitor who is opening, reading, and clicking links in your emails. By using this you can know exactly who is reading your newsletter, who responds to certain promotions, and who is uninterested receiving email communications. It’s the best of both worlds. Engage those who want to be engaged without annoying potential clients.

mc features report - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management

3. Personal, customizable email templates

Emails that look good get more clicks. MailChimp has tons of professional templates that all look unique. Of course, you are not limited to only these. Customize them, add your own branding and even some golf course pictures to give your emails a personal flavor. You can even set up emails to be addressed personally to all customers on your mailing list. Using the deep customization features in MailChimp will transform your email marketing strategy and get more customers engaging with your golf course.

intent 0027650b - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management

This season don’t blast your customers with another boring newsletter. Monitor the success of your emails while sending content that your customers will actually remember. With Chronogolf and MailChimp, it’s easier than ever before!


Key takeaways:

  • Emails are an excellent way of sharing information about your golf course with your customers.
  • Sending “Welcome Back” emails is a great way of announcing the start of the 2017 golf season.
  • You want to make sure that you’re communicating with every customer known to you.
  • Knowing who is engaging with your content will help you write better content.
  • Making your emails look and feel better will increase customer engagement.
  • Using Chronogolf with MailChimp is a powerful way to improve golf your course management and make use of your ever expanding customer database.

Chronogolf brings your tee-sheet to life by integrating with top-of-the-line software such as MailChimp, Lightspeed, Stripe, Vantiv, QuickBooks and Thirdshelf. Click here to learn more about our software integrations.

Plug your tee sheet into best of breed software with Chronogolf.

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