Chronogolf announces new club management software customer, Antognolla Golf Course in Umbria, Italy

Artboard 8 Copy 4 no cta - Chronogolf announces new club management software customer, Antognolla Golf Course in Umbria, Italy

MONTREAL, QC: Chronogolf is proud to announce that as of January 2018 it is the provider of club management software services to Antognolla Golf, located in Umbria, Italy. The company will now provide its suite of tee sheet, online booking, customer resource management, POS, mobile app, and online booking software to the prestigious golf course.

Of the recent signing, VP of Corporate Development, Matt Welliver stated “we are excited to see Chronogolf developing more and more partnerships in the European market. Because our software is so versatile we are able to quickly produce translations and provide technical support for any region world wide.” He also added, “Chronogolf is excited to continue providing our industry leading cloud based software to more and more golf operators in Italy and world wide.”

Keith Haslam, Managing Director of Braemar Golf commented, “on behalf of our client, Antognolla Golf, we were asked to simply provide a robust online tee time booking system for the development of a new website. In reviewing numerous systems, we were impressed with the simplicity of the Chronogolf system. To ensure an integrated approach with day to day operations, we opted to install the tee sheet and member management modules to ensure real time bookings with no chance of duplication. The fact they have Italian technical support and converted the system into Italian were also key factors in our final decision”

César Burguière, the new Golf Director at Antognolla added “on my arrival, Chronogolf had recently been installed to manage the tee sheet and memberships. After familiarizing myself with the system, I found it to be one of the simplest and most intuitive systems I have seen in my career. We have now taken the decision to increase the modules, adding POS and inventory management and it is fast becoming a key tool in our operation and management of Antognolla Golf.”

The recent addition of Antognolla solidifies Chronogolf’s position as an important provider of club management software in the Italian market, the company currently serves 8 courses in the region. Chronogolf will continue to develop partnerships with Italian golf courses as it moves deeper into the Italian market.

About Antognolla:

A new chapter in the history of Antognolla has begun, as the castle and estate are transformed into an exclusive international resort. Featuring a luxury hotel, one of the country’s finest golf courses, as well as a limited number of sumptuous residences, the project is one of the first of its kind in Italy.

Integrating new building of the highest standards with historic original architecture and an unspoilt natural environment, Antognolla represents a unique marriage of authentic, ancient Umbria, with ultra-modern comfort and luxury. Original historic architecture will be preserved as a key element of the development, while the new building will reflect the history, style and beauty of this exceptional place. Visit http://antognolla.com/.

Antognolla Golf Course is one of the most spectacular and challenging golf courses in Italy, the eighteen-holes at Antognolla feature long, cliff-lined fairways, beautiful water hazards and large, undulating greens. Conceived by renowned designer Robert Trent Jones Junior, the clever layout makes Antognolla an exciting and satisfying course for golfers of all abilities. Visit www.antognolla.com/golf/ to learn more.

About Chronogolf:

Chronogolf provides innovative cloud based software and marketing solutions to golf courses ranging from online booking, electronic tee-sheet, member management, tournaments management, customer loyalty and point of sale solutions for pro shops, snack bars and restaurants. Over 450 golf courses trust Chronogolf as their software provider across the world. Chronogolf is headquartered in Montreal, with offices in San-Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Milan and Paris. Visit pro.chronogolf.com for more information.


Matt Welliver – VP Corporate Development



Golf Club Management: 12 Key Performance Indicators for the Pro Shop

It’s time to understand where your golf club management strategy could improve.

When your course isn’t at the top of its game, it’s easy to blame the uncontrollable factors that influence its performance. The good news is that golf club management can improve its performance substantially by focusing merely on the factors that are within their reach.

With modern pro shop POS technology it’s possible leverage your data to gain new insights and reach your  full potential. Leveraging data means making the right decisions to achieve optimal inventory performance, employee performance, and financial performance. In order to do so, your decisions need to be based on key performance indicators that when all interconnected together tell a complete story of the overall performance.

There are 12 key performance indicators that can be broken up into 3 sections:

Managing Financial Performance

  1. Total Sales

Knowing how well all products are selling is an obvious number that all golf managers should be looking at. Your POS should able to quickly produce this high level key performance indicator to tell the overall health of your pro shop. 

  1. Gross Margin 

It’s absolutely crucial that golf club management understand exactly how much money they are making of each product and product category. Your inventory should consistently perform well on this metric so make sure you are on top of this KPI

  1. Net Margin

By looking at the overall margin on your total sales you’ll understand how profitable overall. If performance is lacklustre you can quickly diagnose the problem by starting here. 

golf club management KPI's

Managing Merchandise Performance                                  

  1. Sales by Category

If you’ve added a new category of products this year or if you’re not sure whether an old category of products is performing well with your current audience take a look at this KPI. This metric determines whether customers responded to a new category of offering or not. Your POS should be able to easily produce this metric little to no headache.

  1. Stock Turn

Your stock will turn over at some point so it’s crucial to know when and how often it does. Knowing how many times it turns over during the year informs purchase order behaviour and can also give some indices regarding seasonality and customer buying trends.  

  1. Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) – How effective is my inventory at generating cash flow and profits?

There are some calculation involved here but this metric is crucial for determining how profitable your inventory truly is. This case study explains how to calculate GMROI and use it with data collected by your POS .                                   

  1. Sell – through

Analyze sell through as monthly report to understand much stock has sold. This metric can help with organizing purchase orders and understanding seasonality while showing which products are performing well.

  1. Weeks of Supply – How much do I need to buy or markdown?

The inverse of sell through, this metric explains how much you have left in stock and is the most crucial metric when organizing purchase orders. Modern POS system are able to produce these numbers automatically and provide clean, easy to understand reports on these metrics.

golf club management strategies

Managing Employee Performance

  1. Sales Per Hour – What are the busiest store hours?

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing potential customers to a long wait or a lack of service technician. Collecting time stamped data with your pro shop POS will ensure that your pro shop is never understaffed. 

  1. Sales Per Employee – How well are my employees doing on the sales floor?

One the most difficult aspects of golf club management is the human aspect. There’s no doubt that making sure your pro shop sales floor is performing is a difficult and time consuming task. If your pro shop POS stores data on employee sales you should be able to generate the metric and inform your staffing decisions.

  1. Units per Transaction (UPT) and Average Transaction Value (ATV)

Every transaction has a value and sometimes your pro shop staff don’t get the full value out of a customer. Understanding how often your pro shop staff succeed in up-selling a customer. If your POS tracks data effectively you can easily generate this metric to determine what items are typically found in larger baskets and how good your staff is at bundling products for each sale.

  1. Payroll Percentage

Sometimes golf club management doesn’t get it right it comes to having the right amount of staff in the pro shop. This metric shows whether your staff is too much of a drain on revenue depending on the level of inventory you have in stock. If you have a lot of staff and not much inventory what is the point of keeping so many employees on the payroll? Gathering this kind of data from pro shop POS will help you make better staffing decisions. If you need to cut the payroll down, consider using automated POS kiosks elsewhere in your golf operation.

golf club management

These metrics act like levers for your business. You focus your efforts on one, and several parts of your business react. If you want metrics that will make a real difference, you need to think of them as inter-related, a complete whole that shows how well your business functions.

Want to understand how to apply these KPI’s apply to your golf club management strategy? Download the white paper to get in-depth analysis and a case study regarding the impact and calculation of each of these 12 key performance indicators.

Learn how to apply these KPI’s apply directly to your golf management strategy

White Paper The Ultimate Guide To Proshop KPI - Golf Club Management: 12 Key Performance Indicators for the Pro Shop

Download the White Paper

Managing a pro shop is a blend of art and science. Sometimes you need to go on instinct; sometimes you need to look at the numbers. These metrics are tools to help make the most rational decisions to further reach the full potential of your pro shop.

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6 Golf Marketing Strategies for Better Results on Google Search

Do your golf marketing strategies take Google into consideration?

Are you worried that your website is not showing up when prospectives golfer searches for tee times in your area? Golf operators are noticing is that when it comes to search results, online tee time distributors are very good at getting their websites near the top of every golf related query. A lot of courses are battling for real estate on Google, they too want to rank for the keywords golfers typically use to search for tee times in your area. So, between the online tee time aggregators and all the local operators there is a ton of competition to rank higher on Google searches. If you want to rank higher, now is the time to develop golf marketing strategies that will finally get your website ranking better than the competition.

Massive tee time distributors usually have a very high search engine ranking since they have such huge websites and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into search engine optimization (SEO). This means that a search for a round in your area will likely display their website above your course in the search page result. If you partner with the distributor it’s not necessarily a bad thing since your course will still appear on the distributor’s website. However, it’s always better to rank higher than the distributor you work with so you can encourage online bookings directly on your tee sheet, instead of through an aggregator. Not to mention that a higher search engine rank puts you ahead of the competition.

If you’re afraid of these fancy terms like SEO don’t worry! Check our top 6 golf marketing strategies that will get your website ranking higher on Google.

golf marketing strategies

1. Make sure your website is well designed

Google can tell whether your website is designed according to best practices and standards. If your website does not adhere, you’re telling Google that your operation is inferior to other websites that sell tee times online. Use simple web design tools such as WordPress and you’ll be able to ensure that the content on your website adheres to current SEO standards. 

We understand that optimizing websites and making sure modern web design standards are being respected is difficult and time consuming. Thankfully there are golf marketing agencies out there than can bring your website into the 21st century for very reasonable pricing. These agencies are experts in crafting user friendly websites that follow Google’s standards, enhance your golf marketing strategies, and are guaranteed to rank better on Google searches.

golf marketing strategies for websites

Get a well designed website like this. 

2. Publish content regularly

To improve rankings on Google your golf course needs a blog that publishes posts regularly. By investing in a small golf blog you can engage your audience with content, create a channel for online promotions, and develop a larger following. Blogging tells Google that your website is an important place where golfers can find meaningful information. Proving that your website is a credible source of meaningful content will tell Google’s search engine algorithms to put your website in front of more people when they search for green fees in your area.

Ask whoever developed your website if they can add a blog page and then recruit your smartest, thought leading employees to write golf related content that will impress your audiences. Even a simple post about upcoming events at the clubhouse or a recap of last week’s tournament can do wonders for nurturing your customer relationships, promoting your golf course online, and improving search engine result rankings.

golf marketing strategies for blogs

Get serious about making content for your audience.

3. Have a social media presence

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is for your golf course to be present on social media. Social media can reach a large yet specific audience over many channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In 2018 you absolutely cannot skip this free and far reaching golf marketing tool. If you yourself are not very tech savvy, there no reason a young person working at your course can’t handle the social media accounts. Don’t worry right away about paying to extend your reach, learn what kinds of posts work well with your audience and then pay to promote ones that get the best engagement. Sharing content with your organic (free) channels are an excellent way of generating interest and clicks towards your golf course

Using social media not only puts your course in front of a larger audience, it also improves your search engine results since Google is able to register traffic from social media to your website. Using social media is a further means of proving that your course is a meaningful online community that provides quality information to golfers. Plus, if your making blog content you now have a great new channel to share all of those blog posts you worked so hard on.

golf marketing strategies for social media

There are so many channels for promoting your golf course online.

4. Register your golf course on Google Maps

Okay this one’s pretty easy. You just have claim the business through Google, chances are they already have your course listed with limited information. All you have to do is prove you are the owner of the business and then provide detailed information about the course, opening hours, and a few pictures. Now your golf course is much more likely to show up when people search for tee times in your area and when you do show up they’ll find detailed information about your facility.

Take this a step further and make sure your business is registered on Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook too. These golf marketing strategies of increase your footprint on the web and are crucial for making it easier to search for your golf course online and ultimately improve your rank in search results.

google golf marketing strategies

These guys are getting it right, claim your course to get better search results.

5. Encourage online reviews 

This one seems pretty obvious but many golf operators are not actively pushing for more online reviews of their facilities. Google can tell if your course is receiving favourable reviews on Yelp and other entertainment websites. These reviews directly determine how Google ranks your course in search queries so it may be time to consider encouraging your customers to review your golf course online. Getting favourable reviews on these websites can get you a ton of visibility and credibility in the eyes of someone searching for a round of golf in your area.

A few ways to generate reviews of your operation are to encourage your top 10 most loyal customers to post a review of your operation. You can also put up advertising displays that encourage online reviews around the pro shop and restaurant. Online you can promote reviews from your social media and blog channels. Once you get a few customer reviews on your golf course don’t forget to reply to their comments!

yelp golf marketing strategies

These guys haven’t claimed this profile, look at all the information that is missing!

6. Ask for help!

If your golf operation is in a very competitive space and you are still struggling to rank online you may need find outside help. There are many media agencies that are experts in SEO and know how to optimize your website exactly to Google’s standards. This usually requires a significant investment but the ROI can be substantial if you course is operating in a competitive area where online search is a popular method of booking tee times. Golf courses that rely heavily on tourism in areas like Hawaii or Mexico serve as examples of operations that must invest heavily in SEO to attract online golf reservations.

If your golf course doesn’t have the means to hire outside help there are many resources online to help the average person understand how SEO works and golf marketing strategies to improve it. Check out www.neilpatel.com for a ton of advice on improving SEO and driving more traffic to your website.

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The Golf Operator of the Future Conference Recap

futur gm graphic copy - The Golf Operator of the Future Conference Recap

Last week as part of our exhibition at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, Chronogolf hosted the Golf Operator of the Future conference. The goal of the conference was to provide an overview of all the new technology our panelists believe is changing the face of the golf industry.

The conference was very successful with over 60 people attending, not including the live stream we shared on our Facebook page. We think the panelists did an excellent job and we thank each of them for their significant contributions!

Check out the livestream of the conference here:

Missed the conference and want to know how to update your golf course?

Download our free white paper The Golf Operator of the Future!

update your golf operationDownload the white paper


Our awesome panelists covered a wide range of important topics, see a recap for each speaker below:

Merchant discussed the new face of tee time marketing and why marketing channels are changing in the industry. This included advice on taking control of all available marketing channels by applying Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing strategies. As well, Merchant dismantled myths around third party tee time marketing and discussed why there are still win-win’s within the tee time aggregation market.

Lindsay covered various strategies for collecting and analyzing data on customers. He also discussed why mobile applications combined with good data can create exciting new marketing opportunities. 

P1080517 - The Golf Operator of the Future Conference Recap

As the owner of a mobile app company that designs custom apps for golf courses, Wilson understands why enhancing the experience of golfers relies on integrating a mobile application into every interaction at the golf course. Wilson outlined why mobile applications are able to enhance the customer experience from booking to relaxing after the game. He also explained why smart mobile applications are an incredible new channel for automation with respect to day-to-day management activities and marketing communications.

Matt Welliver is a tee sheet software industry expert who knows why cloud based computing has revolutionized the industry. Welliver explained how a cloud system constantly uses the most up to date technology since the cloud allows for quick deployment of updates and new features. Welliver also detailed why cloud based computing supports an open API which permits golf courses to use best of breed software. Finally, he capped of his presentation by explaining why automation is key for attracting more millennials, how customer service is becoming more automated, and why that’s not such a bad thing.

Thanks to everyone for making it a special event and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

golf operator conference

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Walters Golf Management To Use Chronogolf Software Solution

walterxchrono - Walters Golf Management To Use Chronogolf Software Solution

Montreal, QC: Chronogolf is proud to announce its latest partnership with multi course operator Walters Golf Management. The St. Louis, Missouri, based company has now switched to the Chronogolf club management software solution.

Of the recent partnership Aaron Gleason, Principal and Corporate Vice President of Walters Golf stated, “We made the decision after years of research and based our decision on a couple of key factors. The openness of their platform will allow Walters Golf to seamlessly integrate their revenue management and dynamic pricing tools powered by Dynamic Revenue Services.” Gleason went on to add, “the robustness of their product to work in all facility types and multi-course feature capabilities made the decision easy for us” 

“Chronogolf’s philosophy is unique amongst other solutions in the market.” says Matt Welliver, Vice President of Corporate Development. “Leveraging best of breed products allows Chronogolf to focus its development on being the best golf product in the market along with developing advanced functionality for multi-course operators (MCOs) to centralize marketing and day to day management of customer databases, inventory and loyalty programs.,” added Welliver. 

The Walters Golf Management Group is amongst a number of MCOs currently served by Chronogolf. The company serves a wide range of MCOs, from operators who manage a handful of courses to full-scale 50 course operations. Since many of these operators have made the change to Chronogolf recently, the company is striving towards becoming the preferred provider of technology solutions to all MCOs. The company looks forward to developing meaningful partnerships with more MCOs in the future.

For any inquiries or questions please contact Matt Welliver at: mwelliver@chronogolf.com.

About Chronogolf:
Chronogolf provides innovative cloud based software and marketing solutions to golf courses ranging from online booking, electronic tee-sheet, members management, tournaments management, customer loyalty and point of sale solutions for pro shops, snack bars and restaurants. Over 400 golf courses worldwide trust Chronogolf as their club management software provider, to date. Chronogolf is headquartered in Montreal, with offices in San-Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto and Paris.

For more information, please visit pro.chronogolf.com

The Perfect Thursday at the PGA Orlando Merchandise Show

The 2018 PGA Merchandise Show is coming up next week and we’re sure you have a lot planned for the duration of the exhibition.

Preparations aside, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed after the first day so we put together a little itinerary for the perfect Thursday in Orlando.

1. Grab a hangover breakfast before arriving at the Orange County Convention Centre.

If you had a little bit too much fun last night, kickstart your day with a good breakfast. We recommend the B-Line Diner across the street at the Hyatt hotel. Don’t rush your morning, today is about exploring, learning, and most importantly enjoying the experience.

golf conference

2. Walk the floor and take in the atmosphere of the show

We’re willing to bet that Wednesday was a total sensory overload. The PGA Show offers every kind of golf product imaginable and some beyond the imagination. With more than 2 Million square feet of convention floor to walk, there is plenty that you missed on day one so spend some more time taking it all in.

golf conference

Don’t miss the new exhibitor section. Everybody loves the novelty products, they probably won’t be back next year so check them out while you still can!

P17355068 - The Perfect Thursday at the PGA Orlando Merchandise Show


3. Stop by for a demo at the Chronogolf booth

Don’t miss a good chance to catch up on all the new technology that is changing the golf industry as we know it. If you operate a golf course and think your technological solutions could use a facelift, stop by to see us at booth #3729 for a demo of our revolutionary club management software.

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PGA Show 2017 image 2 529x705 copy - The Perfect Thursday at the PGA Orlando Merchandise Show

4. Attend the Golf Operator of the Future seminar

Join us in room W309 for a panel discussion that will unpack new technology and outline strategies for updating golf course operations. We’re excited to welcome a talented foursome of panelists: Jason Wilson (CEO – Gallus Golf), Scott Merchant (Co-Founder – GolfBook), Stuart C. Lindsay (Pellucid Golf), and Matt Welliver (VP of Corporate Development – Chronogolf). Moderator Jim Kloppenhaver will do his best to keep the guys on the fairway, but this conversation is sure to cover all sorts of interesting topics! Space is limited, so reserve your seat now.

golf management seminar

Reserve your seat now!
Learn how your course can benefit from modern technology.

Key topics our panelists will cover are: 

  1. Getting the best insights out of your data

  2. Mobile experience innovation

  3. Best practices with internet tee times and marketing

  4. Benefiting from cloud based club management solutions

Going to miss this years PGA Show? You can still download the companion e-book we wrote for the conference. It covers the seminar and provides real insight into industry marketing trends and technological advances.

the golf operator of the future

Download the white paper


5. Network with industry professionals

At such a huge event there are endless opportunities to network with people from all around the golf industry. You never know who you could meet so put yourself out there and shake some hands. We recommend putting together a hit list of people (or kinds of people) you would like to make connections with. 

golf operator conference

6. Swing on over to Topgolf in the evening to hit some balls and enjoy a pint

Orlando is host to one of the hottest new trends in golf, Topgolf! This unique driving range experience is a fun place to blow off some steam at the end of the day. What better place to woo a key contact who could bring your course to the next level!

golf operator conference

Why Online Tee Sheet Booking is the Future of Your Golf Course

The Way Golfers Book Tee Times Has Changed.

Remember the good ol’ days when golf courses managed reservations with pen and paper? It used to be that course managers spent the majority of their time taking hundreds of phone calls from players looking to schedule, cancel, or reschedule their tee times. If there’s one thing we now know, online tee sheet booking has revolutionized the golf industry.

With the advent of the internet, tee time reservation has migrated to the online sphere. Now, more golf courses than ever offer tee times through their website or on marketplaces. This means that golf course managers are spending less time on the phone and more time improving operations.

Of course, not all online tee sheet booking software is created equally. Some providers offer over priced tee sheet software that isn’t up to par with modern standards. If you’re worried that you’re not getting the most out of your booking software, don’t worry, the Chronogolf blog is here to help. We understand exactly what to look for when shopping for an online tee sheet booking system.

The problem with most online tee sheet booking software.

  • Not user friendly

In the golf industry it’s no secret that many of its patrons are not very technologically savvy. Some golf managers get nervous at the thought of forcing their older customers into using a foreign system. Make sure your online booking system adheres to best practices in design before introducing your older clients to a new interface.

  • Outdated

Online tee sheet booking software providers come in many shapes and sizes. Some force golf courses to use onsite servers, while others sell buggy software that crashes and loses service at peak times. A good online tee sheet provider should be coming out withconstant updates as advances in technology move forward.

old online tee sheet booking system

  • Overpriced

Perhaps the worst part about online tee time booking providers are the exorbitant prices they charge. Often courses are made to feel trapped into long-term contracts where they are giving up a significant portion of their tee sheet. Some argue that they are getting good exposure in return, but when costs are so high it’s hard to justify in terms of actual ROI


don't break the bank on your online tee sheet booking software

The Chronogolf solution can bring your course to the next level.

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