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The Golf Industry Podcast Episode 6: Cognistx AI with Sanjay Chopra

  cognistx ai founder

This week Matt Welliver hosts Co-founder and CEO of Cognistx AI, Sanjay Chopra.

Sanjay offers expert insight into Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for the golf industry. Together they discuss recent advances in AI technology and why Business Intelligence (BI) is crucial for supporting AI applications. Sanjay also discusses how AI technology has become affordable for golf operations and why AI can drive more pro shop, green fee, and restaurant sales.

AI applications discussed include:

  • Smart mobile applications
  • Collecting good data
  • Leveraging business intelligence
  • Smart promotions and offers
  • Cross selling restaurant items
  • Understanding player preferences
  • Determining analytical objectives

Welliver and Chopra also break down strategies golf courses can use to gain better customer insight, enhance player experience, and streamline marketing operations.

About Sanjay Chopra

Sanjay Chopra is regarded as an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence. After selling his last AI company to Google he co founded Cognistx AI with the goal of providing artificial intelligence applications to a wide range of industries, including the golf industry. Aside from his success in the AI field, Chopra is an absolute golf nut. His love for the game is what drives him to develop strategies for golf operators wishing to harness the power of AI.

Learn about the incredible work Cognistx AI does at!



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