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Now Serving: a Self-Order Golf POS


Chronogolf is proud to announce it is the first golf management software provider to offer a fully automatic quick service self-order golf POS for food and beverage. We think this new feature is capable of providing some enormously helpful benefits for your course aside from lowering operating costs and streamlining your operations. 

The first golf POS to offer self service in the restaurant.

What can a Self-Order Golf POS do for your Golf Course?

  • Reduce customer wait times

At the end of a long 18 hole round your golfers are understandably quite hungry, what if the food order they made at the automatic kiosk on hole 9 was ready and waiting for them after the 18th hole? Not only would this absolutely delight your golfers, but it saves the time and energy spent waiting in line to put in an order. With our Self-Order Golf POS you don't have to make your hungry golfers wait for food service anymore.

  • Improve order accuracy

When dining at a nice restaurant, nothing is more frustrating than an order that comes back even slightly wrong. These errors are often caused by miscommunication between the servers and the kitchen, details can be misheard and mistakes are easily made. A self-order golf POS almost completely eliminates this risk as the accuracy of the order and control over what information is relayed to the kitchen is put completely in the hands of the golfer.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Golfers, especially ones from the younger demographics, want more control over their experience and millennials absolutely love seeing the integration of technology into their game. You can easily satisfy these demands by integrating a Self-Serve golf POS into your operation. Never let an incorrect order be sent to the kitchen again and allow your golfers the freedom to place their own orders from the green during their round.

self-order golf posHow can a Self-Order Golf POS help your Golf Operation?

  • Increase revenue

Giving your customers the opportunity to place food orders from nearly anywhere on the golf course creates more chances to produce revenue in the kitchen, ultimately boosting your food and beverage bottom line. As well, the improved accuracy and efficiency of the ordering system means that less time is wasted and customers are served quickly, resulting in a higher volume of sales and revenue.

  • Help you become a smarter business

Aside from the time savings that allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, our restaurant POS is integrated with robust inventory tracking and customer resource management capabilities. Our POS makes managing member billing and house accounts easier than ever before, and since the point of sale is the most important touchpoint in your business we allow you to track all relevant data to provide helpful reporting on all aspects of your operation.

  • Reduce labour costs

Self-serve cuts down on several cost demands that come with running a food and beverage operation. The main benefit of this is that your operation can reduce its need for servers, cashiers, and restaurant managers. Of course you still will need these personnel, but by eliminating the ordering and processing elements of your operation you can reduce these staffing needs. These time savings and lowered labour demands reduce a significant portion of costs and can improve margins overall.




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