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Why Online Tee Sheet Booking is the Future of Your Golf Course

The Way Golfers Book Tee Times Has Changed.

Remember the good ol' days when golf courses managed reservations with pen and paper? It used to be that course managers spent the majority of their time taking hundreds of phone calls from players looking to schedule, cancel, or reschedule their tee times. If there's one thing we now know, online tee sheet booking has revolutionized the golf industry.

With the advent of the internet, tee time reservation has migrated to the online sphere. Now, more golf courses than ever offer tee times through their website or on marketplaces. This means that golf course managers are spending less time on the phone and more time improving operations.

Of course, not all online tee sheet booking software is created equally. Some providers offer over priced tee sheet software that isn't up to par with modern standards. If you're worried that you're not getting the most out of your booking software, don't worry, the Chronogolf blog is here to help. We understand exactly what to look for when shopping for an online tee sheet booking system.

The problem with most online tee sheet booking software.

  • Not user friendly

In the golf industry it's no secret that many of its patrons are not very technologically savvy. Some golf managers get nervous at the thought of forcing their older customers into using a foreign system. Make sure your online booking system adheres to best practices in design before introducing your older clients to a new interface.

  • Outdated

Online tee sheet booking software providers come in many shapes and sizes. Some force golf courses to use onsite servers, while others sell buggy software that crashes and loses service at peak times. A good online tee sheet provider should be coming out withconstant updates as advances in technology move forward.

old online tee sheet booking system

  • Overpriced

Perhaps the worst part about online tee time booking providers are the exorbitant prices they charge. Often courses are made to feel trapped into long-term contracts where they are giving up a significant portion of their tee sheet. Some argue that they are getting good exposure in return, but when costs are so high it's hard to justify in terms of actual ROI


don't break the bank on your online tee sheet booking software

The Chronogolf solution can bring your course to the next level.

  • Improve occupancy rates

Many courses have reported improved occupancy rates by up to 17% after adopting Chronogolf software. By making use of our live reporting and analytics, you can easily determine which tee times are underperforming. Knowing what tee times aren't being filled will help managers know when to market tee times online through discounts and packages.

online tee sheet booking will help your occupancy rate

  • Reach younger audiences

Golf courses are consistently struggling to reach millennials. One way to bridge the gap is by incorporating technology intothe golf experience. This age cohort uses cell phones to book online and is much more likely to engage with your course over the internet, instead through traditional medias. Bringing modern technology to your golf course will attract younger audiences.

Chronogolf is ahead of the curve with it's recent introduction of a mobile online booking app. Now golfers can book tee times faster and easier than ever before through directly from their cell phones. The app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

online tee sheet booking attracts millenials

  • Get affordable exposure

Aside from opening up your tee sheet to online booking, the Chronogolf marketplace is an excellent way to get your golf course in front a larger audiencefor a fair price. Some online reservation marketplaces charge extremely high prices for exposure. Usually, this results in golf courses giving up a huge chunk of their tee sheet for questionable ROI. Chronogolf is known for being a much more affordable solution that still provides excellent visibility for golf courses to sell online tee times.


Chronogolf knows what you are looking for in your online booking system.

Simple and easy to use

  • Tee time booking available directly on any course website
  • Tee sheet widget looks great on any website
  • Online dash board designed for your members
  • Simple interface in both the booking widget and the member dashboard
  • Easily communicate course related news online

    the chronogolf online tee shee booking system

Online Tee Sheet Booking Marketplace

Integrates with your entire golf operation

Save time in the Pro Shop

  • Process reservations directly onto the tee sheet
  • Spend less time taking phone calls
  • Members can easily view the tee sheet and schedule tee times accordingly
  • Save the hassle of scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling tee times 
  • No more taking information over the phone

Mobile Reservations

  • Browser based booking system give players the ability to reserve from anywhere
  • Chronogolf offers a mobile iOS and Android app for speedy mobile reservations
  • Booking is now faster and easier then ever before

Support your marketing activities

  • Automatically capture player emails into your email marketing software
  • Advertise with custom promotional codes
  • Get better information on player demographics
  • Broadcast tee times on the marketplace

Cloud based

  • No expensive on site server
  • 24/7 customer available to help you from the very start
  • Regular updates, we listen to your feature requests
  • Constantly available, give your golfers the freedom to book when and where they want


Now is the time to move your golf course into the 21st Century.

Online tee time booking is critical for success in the modern golf industry, as a result it's imperative for your course to get in on the action. More than ever golf courses are starting to realize that by integrating technology into the golf experience millennials are much more likely to engage. Online booking systems are crucial for improved marketing communcations since the software captures important data such as email and phone numbers.

Online tee time booking marketplaces are a powerful tool for getting tee times in front a new audience, but that means managers need to know what the best options are. There are a variety of solutions on the market, but each one has it's weaknesses. Some providers offer outdated software while others charge high prices that don't generate good returns.

With Chronogolf Pro managers can save energy in the pro shop and improve efficiency. Our online booking software is a proven solution that improves occupancy rates and promotes tee times online while saving money and time. 


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