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EPISODE 5 With Jason Wilson

Mobile Strategy in the Golf Industry

Golf Industry Podcast - Matt Welliver         mobile golf app marketing with gallus golf

This week our host Matt speaks with the CEO of Gallus Golf, Jason Wilson.

Together Jason and Matt unpack the exciting new opportunities open to golf courses who want to enhance the customer experience through mobile golf app marketing applications. The pair discuss some of the basic elements when choosing a mobile golf app provider and outline several concrete examples detailing where a mobile strategy can take your business.

Mobile golf app marketing tactics discussed include:

  • Push notifications
  • Mobile check-in
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Food and drink ordering
  • Live leader board tracking
  • Loyalty tracking
  • Club news and weather

Wilson provides expert knowledge on the shifting landscape of mobile technology and the ways that consumers, including golfers, want mobile interaction with everything in their lives. Get perspective on how to reach millennial audiences by modernizing on mobile platforms from this industry thought leader.

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About Gallus Golf

Gallus makes it possible for your operation serve customers with food and beverage, tournament tracking, loyalty programs, and more. It’s all done through a custom mobile app that can be outfitted with your branding, course layout, menus, offers, and more. Gallus will work with your course to set up the best set of mobile features that are sure to delight your golfers.

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Alleviate These 5 Pain Points Your Golf Management Team Faces Everyday

Why does golf management sometimes feel like a juggling act?

These days the golf industry is becoming a tough space to compete within. Everyday golf management faces major challenges that determine how the course will perform over the season. To overcome these pain points golf managers must be diligent while using best practices and modern technology.

1. Reducing Costs

In the back office its no secret that margins are getting thinner and thinner, so where are the additional costs coming from? Heightening costs of maintenance, labour, and member demands are certainly not helping but even worse, the increasing importance of online booking and tee sheet management software has allowed software providers to charge extremely high prices.

Often software providers demand a huge chunk of the tee sheet or charge sky high monthly fees, leaving golf managers to struggle with handling lost revenue and questioning the promise of high ROI on their management software. 

The solutions for this financial pain point are easy to say but hard to put into practice. In a practical way, how can managers reduce their costs while keeping their operations viable and customers happy? There are options available for affordable tee sheet, golf pos, and online booking software so if your course is giving away hundreds of tee times or spending a fortune on software it’s time to take a look at new solutions.reduce golf management costs

2. Saving time and improving efficiency

One of the most challenging aspects of golf management is the sheer number and variety of tasks golf managers must achieve every day. Put simply, golf managers must wear many hats. 

Unfortunately, that this can cause major issues with respect to effieciency since general managers must decide what golf management activities are most important and how to divide time between tasks. To overcome these problems it takes excellent time and people management skills, even the most talented golf director can get distracted and waste time with menial, time consuming, and unimportant tasks.

In 2017 there are many ways for golf management to reduce the administrative burden of scheduling, rescheduling, and booking tee times over the phone. These days, managers should instead put online tee time booking platforms to work while giving their customers the opportunity to see the tee-sheet and select their own booking. It’s time to empower your customers, while saving time for more important tasks.

booking tee times online golf management

3. Grow revenue

The golf industry’s razor thin margins force golf management to look for ways to reduce costs, but what if there are opportunities actually improve revenue? A lot of high level thinking has to be done in order to organize a golf operation with maximum efficiency.

The best analysis can only be done by looking at reports that give all the information you need from high level data to the granular details. Understanding exactly how your customers are interacting with your course will tell you:

  • Opportunities to improve your pricing
  • Which tee times are underperforming
  • Merchandise and employee performance on the pro shop floor
  • How your food and beverage operations can be optimized

By looking at accurate data and reporting, your golf management team can learn better revenue management strategies. Golf management software can help, especially when it comes to segmenting your CRM into different pay scales, knowing which customers whom you profit most from, and determining which tee times are premium versus which tee times should be management reporting

4. Marketing

In many cases golf course marketing has been slow to catch up with modern best practices. Newspaper announcements and a sign by the road just won’t cutit anymore, especially if you want to attract those lucrative younger audiences.

Nowadays, it’s vital that your golf course be online specifically on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There many resources that can help you create good content for your followers and your software can help, especially if your tee sheet allows you to share announcements directly to your Facebook.

Email marketing is an increasingly vital part of your golf course’s marketing activities, you can easily reach your customer base with important information such as announcements, promotions, and confirmations. Sending out a mass emails can be pain staking and time consuming, make things easier by using your CRM to collect customer emails at the point-of-sale.

Chronogolf is proud to offer software that integrated with several marketing tools including MailChimp, Thirdshelf, Facebook, our very own tee time marketplace, and by PGA Tour. Use our software capture customer emails, market discounted tee time, and implement a customer loyalty golf managment with emails

5. Member service

Your members are your most special clients. Make sure you keep them coming back with exceptional service, customer loyalty, and an exclusive experience. From the initial reservation to the paying the bill at the restaurant, the member experience needs to be seamless and consistent.

One way to alleviate this pain point is by implementing software that integrates every aspect of member management in one place. Your golf management software should also permit automatic billing. Giving your members the ability to see a consolidated bill is an incredible strength and creates simplicity and transparency between you and your members.

Another way to create an awesome experience for your member is by implementing a simple, easy to use online booking system. Ideally, customers should be able to book tee times on your website or through an app on their phone. Creating simplified channels such as these makes booking online more attractive, especially to millennials, and will create a modern, unified experience your members will love.

One last way to improve member service is by implementing a loyalty program using software with trackable point balances and rewards for certain actions. Drive returning customers back to your course with Thirdshelf, a loyalty points system that makes your most valuable customers feel special.

reduce golf management inefficiencies with online booking

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October 2017 | Major Operating Improvements
Tee Sheet Email & SMS Notifications | Send email and SMS notifications to golfers directly from the tee sheet!
Tee Sheet Credit Card Payment | Processing payments quickly and efficiently in Chronogolf has never been easier - you can now do so directly on the tee sheet!
No-Show Reporting | No-shows are no fun, but our new functionality allows for better tracking and visibility so you can manage no-shows more effectively.
Mobile App: Member Tee Sheet Access | The Chronogolf app has been extremely well received by public players, and now your members can make the most of functionality built specifically for them!
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Why Online Tee Sheet Booking is the Future of Your Golf Course

The Way Golfers Book Tee Times Has Changed.

Remember the good ol’ days when golf courses managed reservations with pen and paper? It used to be that course managers spent the majority of their time taking hundreds of phone calls from players looking to schedule, cancel, or reschedule their tee times. If there’s one thing we now know, online tee sheet booking has revolutionized the golf industry.

With the advent of the internet, tee time reservation has migrated to the online sphere. Now, more golf courses than ever offer tee times through their website or on marketplaces. This means that golf course managers are spending less time on the phone and more time improving operations.

Of course, not all online tee sheet booking software is created equally. Some providers offer over priced tee sheet software that isn’t up to par with modern standards. If you’re worried that you’re not getting the most out of your booking software, don’t worry, the Chronogolf blog is here to help. We understand exactly what to look for when shopping for an online tee sheet booking system.

The problem with most online tee sheet booking software.

  • Not user friendly

In the golf industry it’s no secret that many of its patrons are not very technologically savvy. Some golf managers get nervous at the thought of forcing their older customers into using a foreign system. Make sure your online booking system adheres to best practices in design before introducing your older clients to a new interface.

  • Outdated

Online tee sheet booking software providers come in many shapes and sizes. Some force golf courses to use onsite servers, while others sell buggy software that crashes and loses service at peak times. A good online tee sheet provider should be coming out withconstant updates as advances in technology move forward.

old online tee sheet booking system

  • Overpriced

Perhaps the worst part about online tee time booking providers are the exorbitant prices they charge. Often courses are made to feel trapped into long-term contracts where they are giving up a significant portion of their tee sheet. Some argue that they are getting good exposure in return, but when costs are so high it’s hard to justify in terms of actual ROI


don't break the bank on your online tee sheet booking software

The Chronogolf solution can bring your course to the next level.

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A Crash Course In Golf Management Software

What is golf management software?

A crash course in golf management software. Starting with the basics always helps.

It might be best if we start with the basics (skip to the next section if you already know this).

Generally speaking, golf management software is comprised of the following components, also known as modules:

  • Tee sheet: Scheduling software that helps you manage tee times
  • Pro shop point of sale: Handles all transactions at the pro shop
  • Restaurant point of sale: Used by restaurant staff to manage F&B orders
  • Mobile application: Customer-facing app that allows customers to make online reservations, order food, keep score, etc.

They all have their unique features and applications, but when used all together, they make up your golf management software.

Seems all too obvious, we know…but too many managers are still confusing golf management software with websites

Now that we cleared things up, let’s keep moving.

Use golf management software to support business operations

Golf is a game we all love – of course. It’s brings us closer together and relieves stress (unless you’re facing an island green with 30 mph winds).

Golf is supposed to be relaxing right? Golf management can be just as relaxing if you have the right software in place.

But managing a golf course is totally different; you have to treat it like any other business.

Whether you realize it or not, golf management software touches every aspect of your business. It can be a life-saver, but by the same token, it could also lead to thousands of dollars drained by inefficiencies. 

That’s why proper golf management software is so critical (best-of-breed software is usually your best bet).

There are four pillars that support the day-to-day of your business:

How does golf management software influence the four pillars of growth for your business.

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. Customer Service
  3. Accounting
  4. Human Resources

Believe it or not, each pillar can be managed using modern golf management software. Depending on the size of your facility and adaptability of your staff, you choose how embedded your software becomes in day-to-day operations.

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A practical guide to the modern day Golf POS

A practical guide to the modern day Golf POS

We know running a pro shop ain’t easy. When times get hectic you’ll be thanking yourself for having a solid system in place. Here at Chronogolf we believe that having a modern golf point of sale (POS) equals a smoother operation and happy customers, that’s why we put together this helpful guide to help you understand what needs a good golf POS will satisfy.

Golf has a long and rich tradition that has been important to so many people for centuries. Unfortunately, this long tradition has not always translated into modernization in the pro shop. In fact, many golf courses still use pen a paper to track their daily tee times, and courses who do use computers to manage their operations often find themselves using a buggy, outdated, and expensive tee sheet and golf POS.

frustrated with your golf pos?

  • Not all Golf POS systems are created equal

There are wide range of options available and the differences between each service are substantial. Some POS systems run on an expensive server stored directly at the golf course, these systems often are only compatible with certain computers, printers, and accounting software. Other golf POS systems have an open application program interface (API) which allows other, best of breed, software to easily connect into the POS and help with marketing, accounting, and other aspects of golf management. 

use your golf pos anywhere

  • Slowly but surely the golf industry is modernizing

Since the advent of online marketplaces where tee times are bought and sold, and the popularization of tee time management software, technology usage in the golf industry is becoming increasingly important. There are wide range of solutions that exist, such as cloud based golf POS and club management software. To make the best decision, golf managers need to understand what options best suit their needs.

  • The Chronogolf solution

At Chronogolf we provide the most advanced golf POS and club management software in the golf industry. Our cloud based system runs seamlessly between tee sheet, CRM, POS, inventory, restaurant, and many third party integrations. We believe our system is the best for your course and will improve the efficiency of golf operations while keeping costs low and improving profitability.the chronogolf golf pos solution

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Getting ready for the PGA Buying Show

Screen Shot 2017 10 15 at 1.34.31 PM - Getting ready for the PGA Buying Show

Get the most out of of this years PGA Buying Show

Every year golf course owners  congregate at PGA Buying Shows to make purchase orders, check out all the new products the vendors are offering, and see the new developments in golf course management technology. This year will be no different at the 2017 PGA Buying Shows and it’s important for attendees to be prepared before going in. That’s why we put together this helpful guide for attending trade shows before, during and after.

Before the PGA Buying Show

  • Take a look at the vendor list and make appointments

At the trade show vendors will be very busy so make sure to get the right amount of face time by scheduling appointments early. Make your schedule according to category so it’s easier to compare items and prices and if possible try to keep appointments closer to one another to reduce time and energy spent walking the floor.

  • Check yearly and monthly inventory levels 

Your POS can tell you monthly trends and help you know what categories move faster in your pro shop. Make sure to know this information inside and out before meeting your vendors and be on the look out for items similar to your best sellers.

  • Read up on upcoming golf course fashion

You’ll improve sales and strengthen the brand of your course if you sell trending clothing instead of a dated collection of boring gear. Looking at golf magazines in print and online can definitely help with choosing styles, colors, designs, and fabrics.

  • Rest up and get a good sleep 

Attending a trade show is work and it will tire you out. Save energy earlier so you can enjoy yourself at the final cocktail later. Eating well and resting during the trade show will make the meetings go better and ensure you have a good time.

During the PGA Buying Show

  • Wear business formal clothing

The dress code for these trade shows is absolutely business formal, this is not a another day at your golf course. Vendors and other golf directors have travelled from very far to meet and do business, they will look the part and so should you.

  • Do away with the bulky purchase order binder and use an iPad

With modern cloud technology you don’t have to carry around a giant purchase order binder, some POS systems offer purchase ordering directly in their system through a wifi or cellular connection. Not only will you save time and energy at the trade show, but you will go home with your inventory ordered and entered into the system.

  • Keep your eyes open for new products and new vendorsPGA 

Now that you know your best sellers by heart keep them in mind as you walk the floor. Do you see products that would be complementary to your best sellers? Are there products that could extend your best product categories? By understanding how your inventory performs you should be able to garner some insight into how a new product would perform on your shelves

After the PGA Buying Show

  • Re-connect with the vendors at the evening cocktail

Now that the show is over you can relax just a little bit. The evening cocktail is good time to have one or two drinks and chat with vendors and attendees, use this time to follow up with any positive meetings and to learn more about the vendors and your fellow golf course operators.

  • Follow up with any important post meeting information 

Make sure to keep in touch with any vendor from whom you still need information. The sooner you confirm and order or ask for information the better because vendors are incredibly busy during this time of the year and will soon be tied up with the next trade show

Want to meet the Chronogolf team?

We will be participating in most 2017 PGA Buying shows and Merchandise shows across North America, and we look forward to meeting with you and hearing about the needs of your golf course.

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pga buying show

Chronogolf Hall of Fame #3: Jordan Spieth

At 24, Jordan Spieth is one of the younger players currently dominating the PGA leaderboards. He’s on top of the world and only just beginning what looks like the start of an amazing career.

Spieth began his early career as an amateur at the University of Texas and led the golf team to a NCAA championship. After his time with the University of Texas, he went on to win the PGA Tour Junior Championships in 2009 and 2011, joining Tiger Woods as one of its only multiple winners.
jordan spieth hall of fame chronogolf blog pga tour

In 2012, Jordan Spieth turned professional and competed at several PGA Tour tournaments before winning the John Deere Classic 2013. This win would give him full status as a PGA Tour member and grant him eligibility for the FedEx Cup.

jordan spieth hall of fame chronogolf blog pga tour

Along with several other tour victories, Jordan Spieth would go on to win back to back at the U.S. open and Masters tournaments in 2015, joining likes of Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus who also accomplished this feat. At the young age of 24, he is currently competing on the PGA Tour and won the first tournament of the year at with an impressive win at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, the Travelers Champ and the British Open. 

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